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Gogo4baby together with the our designer specially developed this product to protect the back head of your baby and/or toddler. It protected baby’s head when your baby starts to explore the world by walking without any risks. This protection cushion is fit for baby start from 5-24m.

Protection of head and back
When baby started to sit and walk is a big step in their live. They are always curious and fearless to explore the unknown world. However, if the babies fall down from front side, most of the time, they can push with their arms, however, the backside is another situation, which has nothing to protect their head at all. Especially for the first year the head is still not well developed, it can not handle the big injure. That’s why gogo4baby comes up with this idea–-a baby back protection cushion with alarming beep in.  We have designed this product according to the sitting and walking position of a baby/toddler; the belts to carry the cushion are fully with elasticity and adjustable to keep the cushion always straight; with very cute cartoon images ;extra soft material;  a perfect hugging cushion; a cushion on the back while baby sits in the hard chair….


✔ Protection the back-head and also back
✔ Suitable for babies and toddlers from 5 to 24 months
✔ Adjustable to every baby size, easy to wear
✔ Firm and elastic inner-material, comfortable and new outer-material
✔ With beep alarm, easy to notice baby falls
✔ Also a perfect hugging and playing toy
✔ Cute design for both girl and boy


-fine pp elastic cotton
-33 x 21 cm x 9 cm
-adjustable straps
-Color: Pink Angel

Buy gogo4baby as a gift for your friends who has new born baby, they will be amazed how good it works after 5 month when their baby started to sit and craw.

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